Mojave Makers Revival!

As you might have noticed, MM has been on ice for a while. Our location on the high school campus made it difficult to bring in new members, and the old members moved on to greater things. Everyone except for me. I’m still here, and there is a renewed interest in reviving the Mojave Makers. Right now it looks like we have about 12 people who are seriously interested in joining, with a few more who have expressed interest. We would probably need at least 20 members to get started and closer to 30 members for long term sustainability. Maintaining a makerspace is not cheap, even with volunteers. Building 35 will need a lot of work to be in usable condition, but it would be affordable once it is renovated. I have a degree in Civil Engineering and many years of facilities maintenance experience, so I have the expertise to plan and supervise this kind of work. With 20 members working just a few hours per week on this, we can have a great makerspace in just a few months. A usable location off of the spaceport would be far out of our budget. I will post more details soon.

Our equipment is in storage and I have just confirmed that Building 35 on the spaceport is available for us if we can get enough members and a workable plan. Andrew Gerst at TSC and a few others are also working on getting MM going again. If you are interested in joining, please contact me so I can get an idea of the level of interest. We will try to set up a meeting soon to discuss ideas and start work on a plan to make this happen.

Mojave Makers Desert Garden Planted and Sprouting

Last weekend, we planted our first garden using a Fall Cover Crop of Hairy Vetch, Crimson Clover, Austrian Winter Pea and Rye Grain.  The first sprouts started to come up today!  Special thanks to the Mojave Junior and Senior High School for letting us use their land.


The results of our labor.   The garden was made by breaking the soil with a pickaxe, tilling in manure and sawdust, inoculating the soil and then planting the seeds.  Now it’s time to water it daily to help it grow.


You can see the pale green of the cotyledons as the sprouts emerge.

Mojave Makers Grand Opening at Mojave Junior and Senior High School – 12/4/13, 6pm

IMG_20131112_202811Mojave Makers, in partnership and with the support of the local Mojave Junior and Senior High School, is inaugurating our new place and the start of maker-style afterschool education programs to support the school.  We will be holding a grand opening at the school campus (15732 “O” Street, Mojave, California 93501) on 12/4/13 starting at 6pm.
Come on by and check out our new place!  Thanks to the generous support of the school, we now have access to a 30’x50′ electronics lab and lounge, a 20’x75′ garage shop with a vacuum oven and metalworking shop with a lathe, drill press and mill and bandsaw.
We will be showing what projects we are doing.  Students are welcome to come by and check it out.

Sign up for the event on our Facebook Event Page!

Raspberry Pi Roadshow Mojave – August 19th


The 2013 Raspberry Pi US Roadshow is coming to Mojave!

Join Rob Rishop of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and learn about the Raspberry Pi – a credit-card sized, $25 GNU/Linux computer that can be used for teaching, embedded applications, or even as a tiny alternative to a desktop PC for light workloads.

Bring your Raspberry Pi projects and share them with other Rob, the Mojave Makers, and other attendees.


6:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Set-up time for attendee projects

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm: Talk, Q&A with Rob Bishop

8:30 pm – 10:00 pm: Hands-on workshop and project show-and-tells

The Mojave Junior/Senior High School is located at 15732 O Street, Mojave, CA, 93501.  Thanks to the school for providing a venue for Mojave Makers to host this event!

Sign-up at

Mojave Makers is On The Move!

Mojave Makers is moving!  We’ve packed up the shop out of our airport location and are in the process of securing a new space that will better fit our needs.  We also hope that being out in Mojave will help us better connect with more members of the community.   

Thanks again to the Mojave Air & Spaceport / East Kern Airport District for their support as our fist location!

We hope to have an update on our new arrangements soon.  In the meantime, we are still having informal meeting and planning events.