Tuesday Nights Are Public Nights. Everyone Welcome!

We are holding public open houses every Tuesday night at 5:30pm at the space. Everyone is welcome to come by and see what we do as well as bring in something they do. Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Nights Are Public Nights. Everyone Welcome!

  1. To everyone who came to our August 21st public meeting. You guys rock for making us feel famous! It was one of the biggest turnouts we had and we hope to see more of you. Come by, bring your projects and have fun.😀

  2. I visited the space tonight, looks like a great, very interesting group, looking forward to joining.
    Watched members 3d printing, building A UAV. Another was building a book scanning device, another working with a Raspberry PI media center, and the start of a ham radio station teking place. One member is building an electric car.
    Lots going on here, very cool group.
    Definitly going to join.

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